Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our new CD "Fiddle Me This" is here!

June 2, 2007: The long-anticipated CD "Fiddle Me This" is now available at concerts and by mail. Featuring Zoe Darrow on fiddle and bodhran; Phil Darrow on guitar; and Tom Coburn on piano, the recording has 12 tracks of traditional Scottish, Irish, and Cape Breton fiddle tunes as well as contemporary arrangements of those traditional styles. Recorded at Soundesign Studio in Brattleboro, Vermont by veteran engineer Alan Stockwell, the acoustic tone of the instruments is clear and true, and the energy of the band shines through.
"Fiddle Me This" paints a detailed portrait of Zoe's maturing fiddle style and spirited bodhran playing. With Tom Coburn delivering his innovative arrangements on the legendary Soundesign Studio grand piano, and Phil Darrow adding to the mix with his acoustic guitar, the trio delivers a richly textured tapestry of tunes that is full of grit, driving rhythm, and soulful expression.
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So sorry we missed the concert on Saturday.. SO HAPPY to see this Blog spot.. GREAT!! Get the word out about it.. I'll put a link up on our site!